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These articles were written by Michael Chulak from January 2020 to the current date to supplement our frequently asked questions section on this website and to provide you with valuable information.


Don't Let This Happen to You

Homeowner Association Insurance - What you need to know

Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Liability Insurance Policies

Insurance - Minimum Liability Coverage

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Certificates of Liability Insurance - Insurance Declaration Pages

Is Your HOA Protected from Fraud and Embezzlement?

Breach of Fiduciary Duly by Directors of Homeowner Associations

HOA Board Duties Regarding Insurance

Insurance Policy Inspections and Disclosures - HOAs

Board Members and Close Relatives Preforming Work for HOA

Independent Insurance Brokers vs. Captive Agents

Safety Considerations for HOAs and Apartment Buildings

Loss Run Reports

Insurance Claims /History

Insurance Coverage Options

Walls-in Policies

Burning Limits Liability Insurance Policies

Insurance Proceeds

Forms of Homeowner Insurance Policies

Additional Insured Endorsements

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

Failure to Carry Workers' Compensation Insurance

Crime and Fidelity Insurance

Loss Assessment Coverage for Condominium Owners

Loss Assessment Coverage - Sample Endorsement

Renters and Insurance - Why it is Necessary

Dogs and HOA Insurance

Homeowner Association Security

The 8 Most Common Legal Claims Against HOAs

HOAs-Say Goodbye to Independent Contractors

Workers' Compensation Insurance Required by Homeowner Associations

Community Association or Homeowner Association? What is the Difference?

Earthquake Insurance for Homeowner Associations

Earthquake Insurance for Owners

Flood Risks and Insurance

Elevated Structure Inspections

Voting for Earthquake Insurance

When an HOA is sued

Vicarious Liability of Employers

Cumis Counsel - Reservation of Rights

Insurance Adjusters

Insurance Company Ratings



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